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Neuigkeiten von MOUNTAINBIKE
  • Rückruf von MILKit Tubeless-Booster-Produkten

    Milkit startet einen Rückruf von Tubeless-Boostern - beim Pumpvorgang unter Druck können sich Teile lösen. Mehr Infos bekommst du hier.
  • Specialized: Neue S-Works Reifen für 2019

    Specialized zeigt für Marathon und XC-Biker neue Reifen für den Rennsport-Einsatz. Nach einer zweijährigen Pause nehmen die US-Amerikaner die Toplevel-Pneus namens S-Works wieder mit ins Portfolio.
  • Neu: Sram NX Eagle (2019)

    Nach XX1, X01 und GX-Eagle stellt Schaltungspezialist Sram die NX mit Eagle Technologie vor. Die neue Gruppe stellt künftig den Einstieg in 1x12-Gruppen bei Sram dar und ist mit allen Teilen der Eagle-Familie kompatibel.

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BikeJames Podcast

The Podcast for the MTB Strength Training System, the world's only strength and conditioning system designed exclusively for mountain bikers.
  • Isometric Training: How Not Moving Can Help You Ride Faster

    Every once in a while I have a lightbulb moment that makes me realize that I have been missing something really important in my training.

    Like the first time I was introduced to using mobility exercises to compliment my usual focus on “get stronger”, these moments open up a whole new way of seeing the bigger picture that leads to being a better rider.

    One of these moments happened to me recently at a Steve Maxwell seminar when he was explaining how he uses Isometric Exercises in combination with sport training.

    While Isometric Exercises are something I have studied and used, I never really understood the best way to use them until I heard him explain it and now I realize that they are a must have component of a training program.

    In this episode of the Bike James Podcast I explain what Isometrics Exercises are, how to use them and how you can use incorporate them into your program to help you ride faster on the trail.

    Show Notes:[...]

  • Foot Health and Cycling with

    So, right off the bat I want to let you know why this may be one of the most important interviews I’ve done on this podcast.

    Foot health and now it affects your riding is usually something most of us don’t worry about until there is a problem. However, even then most riders are usually in the dark about the best strategies to improve and maintain their foot health.

    This leads to a lot of riders who just figure that sore feet, uncomfortable feet and the knee, ankle and low back problems that come with them are just part of riding a bike.

    Which is unfortunate because a lot of these riders are suffering needlessly. There are things you can do both on and off your bike to improve your foot health and function, improving your performance and decreasing your pain in the process.

    In this podcast I interview Dr. Marty Hughes and Dr. Robyn Hughes from They are leading experts in the field o [...]

  • New Podcast: Conversation with Ryan Leech

    Well, it’s official - Ryan Leech is one of my favorite people on planet Earth.

    Rarely does someone live up to their internet persona but Ryan really is one of the nicest, most giving guys out there.

    I’ve had the chance to talk with Ryan via Skype several times (a lot of them are published as podcasts) but I hadn’t had the chance to meet him until last week when he rolled through town and invited me and Aka the Trail Mutt for a ride.

    After a ride, some pizza and coffee we were buzzing from all the great energy we had going and so we decided to sit down and do a Facebook Live shoot for his coaching group.

    Not wanting to have you guys miss out on the goodness I also set up my mic and recorded what went down.

    And what went down was an hour plus long conversation where we covered a lot of ground, including what he learned while creating his jump course, how the foot works and how it really applies to your pedals, the biggest mistake riders make w [...]