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Neuigkeiten von MOUNTAINBIKE
  • Gewinnspiel: TRX & Krombacher o,0% Set zu gewinnen

    Schick uns deinen stärksten, witzigsten, originellsten Motivationsspruch und gewinne ein TRX Trainingsset und ein Krombacher o,0% Probierpaket.
  • Liv Intrigue Advanced: Neues Trailbike für Frauen

    Das Liv Intrigue kommt zurück. Die frauenspezifische Marke von Giant bringt das Intrigue Advanced mit 140-mm-Hinterbau und 150-mm-Gabel für das Modelljahr 2019. Wir konnten das All-Mountain schon testen.
  • Giant Trance 29

    Ein wendiges Twentyniner für den Trailtanz gesucht? Dann könnte das neue Trance 29 Begehrlichkeiten wecken. Wir checken das neue Bike mit allen Details und durften es bereits testen.

GPS for MTB – Singletracks Mountain Bike News

BikeJames Podcast

The Podcast for the MTB Strength Training System, the world's only strength and conditioning system designed exclusively for mountain bikers.
  • The Biggest Gimmick in Cycling? Clipless Pedals.

    In this podcast I break down the claims used to sell clipless pedals and expose why they are nothing but a gimmick. 

    Show Notes:

    • The definition of the word Gimmick: A trick or device used to attract business or attention.
    • This includes things that are untrue and have no basis in science or facts.
    • Clipless pedals are sold based on two things that based on this definition are, in fact, gimmicks.
    • The first is the Round Pedal Stroke and the Need to Pull Up on the Backstroke.
    • There are countless graphics illust [...]
  • The BPTM System - 4 Steps to Improving Your Performance

    In this podcast I look at the 4 steps I’m now using to help riders improve their movement and performance, the BPTM System, which includes…

    1 - Breathing.

    • Crocodile Breathing
    • Meditation

    2 - Position

    • Mobility
    • Stretching

    3 - Tension

    • Isometrics (Ramping Isometrics)

    4 - Movement

    • Training (GPP)
  • Isometric Training: How Not Moving Can Help You Ride Faster

    Every once in a while I have a lightbulb moment that makes me realize that I have been missing something really important in my training.

    Like the first time I was introduced to using mobility exercises to compliment my usual focus on “get stronger”, these moments open up a whole new way of seeing the bigger picture that leads to being a better rider.

    One of these moments happened to me recently at a Steve Maxwell seminar when he was explaining how he uses Isometric Exercises in combination with sport training.

    While Isometric Exercises are something I have studied and used, I never really understood the best way to use them until I heard him explain it and now I realize that they are a must have component of a training program.

    In this episode of the Bike James Podcast I explain what Isometrics Exercises are, how to use them and how you can use incorporate them into your program to help you ride faster on the trail.

    Show Notes:[...]