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Landelijke Jeugd Competitie mtb

23 juli 2019

De officiële LJC-mtb website!
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BikeJames Podcast

08 juli 2019

The Podcast for the MTB Strength Training System, the world's original and best strength and conditioning system designed exclusively for mountain bikers.
  • New Podcast - Deadlift Strength, Science of a Good Rider, Mixed vs. Regular Cardio & Cockpit Control

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend. I had a good one myself, getting some riding in with Aka the Trail Mutt. 

    Aka is getting a little older - just like his master - but he just refuses to slow down. I joke that he gets me out as much as I get him out but it’s true...without his enthusiasm for getting out on the trail as much as possible I probably would have skipped more than a few rides over the last 7+ years.

    But I’m always glad when I do get out. The combination of being in nature, getting the “runners high” from a long, grinding climb and the adrenaline rush of some sweet momentum fueled fun is something that never gets old.

    Nothing else provides this combination of soul-recharging elements, which is what makes mountain biking so unique. The struggle it provides and the environment it provides it in are the things that keep me coming back to the trail after almost 2 decades of riding.

    That’s also why I love sharing my passion for riding and training with everyone. I know that mountain biking isn’t easy but with a little knowledge you can fast-track you progress and avoid unnecessary frustrations. 

    Which brings us to this week’s podcast. In this new BikeJames Podcast I cover some topics that I think will help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

    This Week’s Podcast Topics

    Rider Q & A:Why does my female training partner who can’t deadlift as much as me (load or strength-to-weight ratio) outclimb me? Doesn’t my higher deadlift strength mean I’ll have more power and can outclimb her? 

    Bro Science: Three studies that  tell us the characteristics of a good mountain biker.

    Training: Why Crossfit or “Mixed Cardio” isn’t as good as “regular cardio” for MTB specific training.

    Skills: Cockpit Control workshop overview and insights.

    Equipment Review: Neat Ice Bag

    You can stream or download this episode below. Until next time…

    Ride Strong,

    James Wilson

    MTB Strength Training Systems

  • New Podcast - Speed vs. Power, Handlebar Width and Emotions in Training

    This week I’ve got a new BikieJames Podcast for you. A lot has happened since the last one and I had a few interesting topics to share, including...

    • The opening of my new Catalyst Training Facility in Fruita CO
    • Rider Q&A: Is speed determined by power?
    • Why your handlebars are too wide
    • Resistance Bands: Why I like them and some experiments with them
    • Bro Science: The role of emotions on Pacing Strategy

    Until next time…

    Ride Strong,

    James Wilson
    MTB Strength Training Systems

  • New Podcast: Knee Stomp vs. Hip Stomp for Jumping, History of the TGU and Isometric Bro Science

    This week I’ve got a new podcast to share with you. Instead of a single topic, I had a few random things that wouldn’t make for a whole episode alone so I put them together into this BikeJames Podcast.

    In this episode I cover…

    • Knee Stomp vs. Hip Stomp: Why “stomp your feet” can be a bad coaching cue for jumping or manualing your bike.
    • The importance of foot position on the bike for using your Hip Hinge and “stomping your feet” the right way (and why this is a major reason theCatalyst Pedals work so well).
    • Some history on the Turkish Get Up and why you may be missing out if all you do is the kettlebell version.
    • Some interesting studies on Isometric Training and my Bro Science interpretation of them for us as riders.

    I hope you enjoy this month’s episode and I’ll look forward to sharing more stuff with you in the next one.

    Until next time…

    Ride Strong,

    James Wilson

    MTB Strength Training Systems