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Landelijke Jeugd Competitie mtb

15 juni 2019

De officiële LJC-mtb website!
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15 juni 2019

Neuigkeiten von MOUNTAINBIKE

BikeJames Podcast

13 mei 2019

The Podcast for the MTB Strength Training System, the world's original and best strength and conditioning system designed exclusively for mountain bikers.
  • New Podcast: Knee Stomp vs. Hip Stomp for Jumping, History of the TGU and Isometric Bro Science

    This week I’ve got a new podcast to share with you. Instead of a single topic, I had a few random things that wouldn’t make for a whole episode alone so I put them together into this BikeJames Podcast.

    In this episode I cover…

    • Knee Stomp vs. Hip Stomp: Why “stomp your feet” can be a bad coaching cue for jumping or manualing your bike.
    • The importance of foot position on the bike for using your Hip Hinge and “stomping your feet” the right way (and why this is a major reason theCatalyst Pedals work so well).
    • Some history on the Turkish Get Up and why you may be missing out if all you do is the kettlebell version.
    • Some interesting studies on Isometric Training and my Bro Science interpretation of them for us as riders.

    I hope you enjoy this month’s episode and I’ll look forward to sharing more stuff with you in the next one.

    Until next time…

    Ride Strong,

    James Wilson

    MTB Strength Training Systems

  • Recovery Posture & Low Carb Diets

    In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I look at two recent studies and their application to mountain biking and training.

    You can find the full studies below:

    Recovery Posture

    Low Carb Diets 

    Until next time...

    Ride Strong,

    James Wilson

  • Overtraining: What It Is and How To Avoid It

    Everyone knows that training hard is part of getting better. If you don't push your body past what it did yesterday then it won't have any reason to improve your fitness levels.

    But we also know that if you push too hard things can go wrong. Usually referred to as Overtraining, almost everyone reading this has experienced the symptoms of pushing our body harder than we should have, which include lack of energy, getting sick and overuse injuries.

    Your body will force you to take time off and rest but taking time off is one of the worst things for your progress. Staying consistent with your training is important and so pushing your body hard while also avoiding Overtraining is the key to long term progress.

    In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I dive into the subject of Overtraining, letting you know exactly what it is and how you can use that information to help you. I also share some tips, strategies and tools I've found to be especially helpful for this goal.

    Until next time,

    Ride Strong,

    James Wilson